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I have a CollectionView on one of the screens. Selecting one of the cells transitions to another view. At this new view, at the bottom, I want to have the same collection to be presented.

So I have one ItemsCollectionController for the main screen - in ItemsCollectionController.m

And I have a WorkAreaController for the second screen. In the WorkArea.xib I added a CollectionView at the bottom of the screen. I would like to let the ItemsCollectionController to manage it.

Tried to manually instantiate the ItemsCollectionController with the WorkArea.xib when the WorkArea viewDidLoad - nothing.

Not only that I want the same class to handle both Collections. I would like even to have same instance of the ItemsCollectionController to do it. Can I just change the view outlet of the running instance ?

I saw this seemingly similar question but this is not what I want .


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I found the way to do it. Lets suppose I have a controller C1 managing a CollectionView. Now I want to change to a different view, managed by controller C2 and on that view, I want still to show the contents of the CollectionView managed by C1.

The way I found to do it is :

  1. Prior to switching to the C2.view :

     [C1.myCollectionView removeFromSuperView] 

this will make sure the view can be reused.

2.Now lets switch to the new controller and its view

[UIView transitionFromView:C1.view
  1. And to add the C1.myCollectionView to the C2.view we need to modify the viewDidLoad of C2 [self.view addSubView:C1.collectionView]

  2. And now just make the collectionView to reload

[C1.collectionView reloadData];

Hope this helps to someone

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