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I have a strange issue where, I can not find any simple solution. Using the isotope Plugin and the jQuery.transit Plugin in the same document, makes some of the jQuery.transit plugin supported css3 transitions become unusable (only in FF16).

It looks like the $.cssHooks function in isotope breaks the cssHooks functions from other plugins.

If i disable in isotope.js the line 216

setIsoTransform( elem, 'scale', value );

in this function:

$.cssHooks.scale = {
  set: function( elem, value ) {
    // uncomment this bit if you want to properly parse strings
    // if ( typeof value === 'string' ) {
    //   value = parseFloat( value );
    // }
   // alert(elem+"  "+value)
    setIsoTransform( elem, 'scale', value );
  get: function( elem, computed ) {
    var transform = $.data( elem, 'isoTransform' );
    return transform && transform.scale ? transform.scale : 1;

than the cssHooks function from jQuery transit works well. (In this case the scale function from Isotope does not work any more.)

I don't understand why isotope extend the cssHooks this way, and why this influence any other object on the page, and not just the elements which should be managed via isotope.

I hope you can give me a good direction, or some update.



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