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I'm looking for autocomplete feature in Atmel's IDE Atmel Studio 6. As it is based on Visual Studio, there should be IntelliSense, but I can only find the menu entry "Intellisense" under "Edit", which has no effect at all. I'm programming in C.

Is there a way to provide autocompletition like in NetBeans (eg. Boxes that automatically pop up while typing)?

Edit: I do not mean autocomletition "wh" -> "while" but completing variables, function names, etc.

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Atmel Studio 6 by default ships the Visual Assist (VA) which comprehensively provides intellisense support for C/C++ languague. You can check if VA is properly installed with Atmel Studio from the "Extensions manager" (Tools -> Extension Manager -> Installed Extensions" menu"). If it is not available you can downloand it from "Available Extensions" tab in Extension Manag

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Unfortunately the only etenstion available is the "Atmel Gallery"... –  pafodie Mar 16 '13 at 18:05
Just reinstalled IDE completely - fortunately all settings and projects were retained. Now I can see the extension in extension manager and everything is working fine :) –  pafodie Mar 16 '13 at 20:06

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