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I'm used to other IDEs such as Visual Studio which keep project structure on some metadata files. I'm using Eclipse right now and I used m2e eclipse to import a maven project. afaik Eclipse only gets source/resource files from pom.xml (or maven default directories if none is specified) and create the project tree.

Therefore, i think that, if I have the code and Eclipse configuration files (.project, .classpath) in a repository and I update code directory structure, no Eclipse files will be updated and therefore I don't need to update Eclipse files in the repository.

Is that correct?

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Generally, if you use m2e (recent versions) and a SCM (Git, Svn, CVS, etc.), you don't need to commit the Eclipse configuration files to the repository.
These main files are :

  • .project
  • .classpath
  • .settings/

There is a good example on GitHub of a .gitignore file which shows what files in Eclipse you don't need to commit.


To regenerate Eclipse project files, you can either :

  1. Import > Existing Maven Projects : needed eclipse files are created

  2. Import > Checkout Projects from SVN (or CVS, GIT, etc.) ..... if needed : Convert to Maven project

  3. Use CLI maven-eclipse-plugin with mvn eclipse:eclipse (Goal) (not recommended if using m2e)

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So I'll store no Eclipse files in the repository? If so, how a new developer will open the Eclipse project of the application? He'll be forced to import Maven project again? I wanted that a new dev didn't need to know how to import Maven projects, he should only open a project and work in the code. –  Alan Evangelista Oct 22 '12 at 3:03
There is another discussion about whether to store Eclipse configuration files in SCM or not : Is it a good practice to include Eclipse project files in with sources in SCM? –  Guillaume Husta Oct 22 '12 at 12:03
I edited my answer to explain when Eclipse files are generated. –  Guillaume Husta Oct 22 '12 at 16:39

Correct, you don't need to save the .project and ,class path files in a repository. The m2e commands "Update Project Configuration" and "Update Project Dependencies" will correct those files, respectively, once you've retrieved the rest of the source from the repository.

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