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I am using zsh (with oh-my-zsh) and rbenv: both installed through homebrew.
I am attempting to get jasmine to run in a standalone app. After installing the jasmine gem

gem install jasmine

I tried the

jasmine init

and received a

zsh: command not found: jasmine

Do I have to explicitly set a path or something else in configuration?

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I think this is actually a bit of an rbenv issue. Rbenv doesn't shim itself into your shell as aggressively as, say, rvm, which means you have to do something like

rbenv rehash

To get rbenv to update its aliases and make the jasmine command available. This only needs to happen the first time you install a gem that has a shell command with it. After that rbenv should update its reference behind the scenes and you should always get the most up to date version.

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