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I want to provide access to an Android emulator via VNC to let people test my App.

So far I could start the Android emulator with following command:

emulator -avd ice -verbose -qemu -vnc :2

I could also connect to it at port 5902 but I can't do any input, I don't know how to forward my mouse to the qemu.

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Why not use one of the several VNC apps in the Play store? For the server being reachable from the outside world, you would have to setup the emulator network properly though (bridging or NAT, maybe in combination with a tunnel). –  ovenror Sep 10 '13 at 14:01
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I guess the parameter "-qemu -vnc" will not work for android emulator's input. There are two hints: (1) the "-vnc" parameters are directed to qemu instead of android-emulator, and qemu-vnc may not support android's inputs (2)the VNC protocol does not define the "drag"/"move" which is a common operation for mobile.

However, there is a solution for your requirement:

  1. Shut down the display of the emulator (optional) by using:

    emulator @avd -no-window

  2. Install a vnc server. I recommend fastdroid-vnc, which is pretty good. (https://code.google.com/p/fastdroid-vnc/)

In this way, your emulator display is just like the effect of "-qemu -vnc :2" with inputs. BTW, the "drag" is still not working.

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