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am pretty new to backbone.js and managed recently to finish my first application. I made a collection that is responsible for fetching data through a API but am not able to loop through the result and use it.

Here is my model file

], function($, _, Backbone){

    var VehicleLookupModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
        //data will contain one of the items returned from the collection's 'parse' function.
        parse: function(data){
            return data;

    return VehicleLookupModel;


collection file

], function($, _, Backbone, VehicleLookupModel){

    var VehicleLookupModelSet = Backbone.Collection.extend({
        model   : VehicleLookupModel,

        url     : function() {
            return '/en/car/api/model-lookup-model.json/'+this.make+'/';

        parse : function(response) {
            return response;

        initialize: function(options) {
            options || (options = {});
            this.make = options.make;

    return VehicleLookupModelSet;


and finally the view file

], function($, _, Backbone, VehicleLookupMakeSet, VehicleLookupModelSet, VehicleLookupTrimSet){

    var BrowseVehicleView = Backbone.View.extend({
        el: $('#vehicle-browse-form'),
        initialize: function(){

            // Extend JQuery example
            // This would extend JQuery function for resetting elements on the form
                resetElement: function(){
                    $(this).attr('disabled', 'disabled');

                    return $(this);

            // define array of elements to be used in DOM manipulations
            this.elements = {
                "make"      : $('#id_make',     this.el),
                "model"     : $('#id_model',    this.el),
                "trim"      : $('#id_trim',     this.el),
                "year"      : $('#id_year',     this.el)


        events: {
            "change #id_make"   : "onMakeChange",
            "change #id_model"  : "onModelChange",
            "change #id_trim"   : "onTrimChange"
        render: function(){
            // Using Underscore we can compile our template with data

        onMakeChange: function(event) {
            this.collection = new VehicleLookupModelSet({make: this.elements.make.val()})


        onModelChange: function(event) {
            var VehicleLookupTrimInstance = new VehicleLookupTrimSet({make: this.elements.make.val(), model: this.elements.model.val()})

        onTrimChange: function(event) {

        renderItem:  function(object, item) {

    // Our module now returns our view
    return new BrowseVehicleView;

The above is console.log(this.collection) is returning an object with many property which am not sure how to use. But, I noticed that there is a method "models" and inside models there is many number of objects, each represent the value of the json.

Any ideas how i can loop through the object?

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yeah, off course. I started first by reading a book last week and went through the documentation as well and I downloaded several examples. The thing is, when i try to use this.collection.fetch({succes... this would work. But, when i try this.collection.fetch and then use this.collection to read data, its not working.. –  Mo J. Mughrabi Oct 20 '12 at 20:59

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  success: function(collection, response) {
    _.each(collection.models, function(model) {
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