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I am in need to develop a ping/post system and I have no clues where to start with. This system is used in Lead generation industry but Google/Bing provides me with no links apart from Ping class in MSDN. Not sure, if the experts present here can help me with it or not.

Basic idea of how Ping/post works would be great. I need this to implement using C#. Any relevant articles would be huge plus for me.

I am not even sure, if this is the correct SO site to ask this questions but hoping for some advice from the SO Experts!!



What is a ping-post technology.

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If you don't know what "ping/post" is, how do you know you "need to develop a ping/post system"? Rather than focus on the terminology, focus on what effect you need to achieve. –  Jon Skeet Oct 20 '12 at 21:05
Could you elaborate on what a ping/post should do? Where did you pick up this term? –  veljkoz Oct 20 '12 at 21:08
@MikeMarynowski Did you actually try googling? As OP should have, as well? Googling "ping post" yields a usable result in the fourth link, at worst. –  J. Steen Oct 20 '12 at 21:20
I briefly skimmed the top 5 or 6 results and didn't see anything that sounded like it had anything to do with pinging in the technical sense and thought he just used the wrong term. Looked closer, makes sense now. The question and responses were still humorous, just sounded silly. I didn't mean "bad" funny....just funny. –  Mike Marynowski Oct 20 '12 at 21:34
@JonSkeet - Had I known about the term, I would not had asked the question here. Already stated that this is a brand new term or me and I am trying to develop this term for a client who wants me to research on this. Google does not provide enough help and I wanted to know what this term means and how can we proceed with implementing this! –  Nitesh Oct 21 '12 at 6:56

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The ping/post "protocol" is used in the lead referral industry.

In a nutshell, the idea is that a web site may prompt a user to fill-in a form about some item the end-user wishes to purchase. The Site then sends part of the data in the form to prospective suppliers of the said item; this is the ping part of the protocol. The ping doesn't include the full contact info about the prospective buyer. The suppliers then respond with a "bid" for the lead, i.e. the amount they are willing to pay the referring site. If the referring site accepts the bid, they then it posts the full details about the purchase request; this is the post part of the transaction.

In general, this ping-post software are highly versatile and the trick is to find a good compromise between making the system relatively easily parameterized and having enough features/options exposed.

For example: on the ping side, you may need to have a filtering system, whereby for each potential lead buyer, there is a way to express the kind of lead it wishes to receive at all. The filtering criteria may be based on the zip code of the potential customer, or on the type of item it wishes to purchase etc.

Another example is the customization of the way the info is sent to the potential lead buyers (both the ping and the post). You typically will need to map the data collected on your site, to some form on each potential lead buyer's site.

Look into the following

Once you are relatively conversant in the general concepts, you can then heed to Jon Skeet advice and focus on on what features/effects are required, by going back to whomever dropped this ping-post keyword on you and asking this person what specific features of a ping post system are effectively desired. "ping-post" in of itself doesn't really define anything, it is maybe as broad as a request for say an "e-Commerce site", a "Payroll system" or a "Appointment manager"...

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. Gives me a headstart on understanding the term. My client definitely told me about just the term ping-post and how are you going to develop it. At least now I know that ping-post is as vast as a complete stand alone software comprising several modules and need to discuss with him on what he really wants! –  Nitesh Oct 21 '12 at 7:00

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