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Suppose I'm looking for some div elements under #myPage element. My goal is to use CSS selectors and limit the search only to #myPage descendants.

Using Selenium XPath locators I can write something like this:

WebElement page = driver.findElement(new By.ById("myPage"));
List<WebElement> item = page.findElements(new By.ByXPath(".//div"));

However, trying to use CSS yields all divs in documents, not only descendants of #myPage:

WebElement page = driver.findElement(new By.ById("myPage"));
List<WebElement> item = page.findElements(new By.ByCssSelector("div"));

The big difference is the .// prefix that makes the XPath expression relative. I couldn't find similar property in CSS syntax, and I wonder if it's even possible.

I know I can use #myPage > div expression, but then I couple the page lookup operation with the lookup of its descendants, which is not always desirable.

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i would try this: driver.findElements(By.cssSelector("#myPage div")) anyway, your first operation is looking for the page with the certain ID. and second operation - is looking for the elements on the page ('div' descedants). "#myPage div" cssSelector seems to unite your operations –  eugene.polschikov Oct 21 '12 at 9:57
Thank you for your response but coupling these operations is not always wanted. –  gamliela Oct 21 '12 at 19:55

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This functionality doesn't exist yet. There's a similar feature being proposed in Selectors API level 2 for DOM, but I don't know if Selenium will ever implement such a feature.

If you must perform a relative lookup, XPath is your only option for now.

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