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I want extract an Id from the string <p>id = 22<p>\n<p>1. iteration, 1. task<p>


var str="<p>id = 22<p>\n<p>1. iteration, 1. task<p>";
var patt1=/<p>id = (.*)<p>/;

but somehow it returns to the browser:

id = 22 

Why so? Why 2 matches?

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() is a grouping operator useful for extracting portions of the match. If you just want to extract the id then use str.match(patt1)[1]

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This will cause a exception if no match is found –  Bergi Oct 20 '12 at 22:14

Seems to be a better fit for your task. But your input string is very confusing. Shouldn't it be some HTML open-closed tags sequence?

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