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I have a hierarchical data structure (using Entity beans)like say a Book Class which has a Book ID and references to a bunch of Chapter classes.And each chapter class has a Chapter number and references to a number of Page classes. In my Display class, I would like to display the book id of a Book object.

But when I call getBook() , the existing code loads up the chapters and pages too, even though I just want to get only the Book ID from the Book object.This is resulting in heavy database querying.

I am looking for a design pattern to solve this problem.Any ideas guys?

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You should use lazy loading design pattern.

Here is a good example. http://www.precisejava.com/javaperf/j2ee/EJB.htm#EJB133

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Thanks Faruk, will readup on that. –  DntFrgtDSemiCln Oct 21 '12 at 0:01
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