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I have 3 tables in sqlite, the first one is about an entity I call bar:


and the other one keeps a relationship between two bars, I call this relationship foo:

    -bar_one (fk->bar)
    -bar_two (fk->bar)
    -baz (fk->baz)

baz holds an attribute that qualifies the KIND relationship that foo represents:


I need to show a query of foo that substitutes the foreign keys with the values of bar an baz, something like:

id    bar_one    bar_two    baz
1     bar1       bar2       siblings
2     bar2       bar3       acquaintances
3     bar3       bar4       enemies

I'm not a specialist in DBs as you can see, I tried with a join and it works with foo and baz.

SELECT foo.id, baz.description FROM foo, baz WHERE foo.baz = baz.id;

But to show the two members of bar is difficult for me in this way. Some advice?

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Assuming that columns of table foo: bar_one (fk->bar), bar_two (fk->bar), baz are non-null columns, you can use INNER JOIN to combine both tables, but if they are nullable, use LEFT JOIN instead.

        b.name as bar_one,
        c.name AS bar_two,
FROM    foo a
        INNER JOIN bar b
            ON a.bar_one = b.id
        INNER JOIN bar c
            ON a.bar_two = c.id
        INNER JOIN baz d
            ON a.baz = c.id

basically, INNER JOIN only displays the rows that a record has atleast one match on every table define, while LEFT JOIN displays all rows define on the left hand side whether there is match or none.

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Thank you, it's exactly what I was looking for, now I'm reading about inner, left and right joins, I just remembered I was taught that in college, last year. –  Ivancho Oct 20 '12 at 22:39
you're welcome @Ivancho! –  John Woo Oct 20 '12 at 22:40

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