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The Scenario is as follows:

  1. I cloned a Repo locally and made some changes and then committed.

hg clone test

vim abc

hg commit

  1. Say the above gives me revision 1

  2. I send this revision for review.

  3. I make some more changes and make another commit.

vim xyz

hg commit

  1. This gives us another revision say revision 2

  2. Again, I send this as a new revision for review

  3. I make some more changes and have some uncommitted changes.

vim 123

  1. I get a request to update revision 1 with some more changes as a priority task.


Q1 Now how do i make changes to Revision 1 ?

Q2 How do i get the differential between revision 0 and revision 1 to update the 1st review i sent ?

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  1. There are not rebase here
  2. 'hg help update' for returning back to any previous changeset (hg up, edit, commit, merge)
  3. Storing unfinished 123 - commit, or shelve, or mq-patch
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