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I'm trying to make jQuery play nice with my WP navigation. My goal is to hide the navigation until the logo is clicked and have the menu slide in from the left, much like this example but with click instead of hover:

Does anyone know a simple way to hide/reveal a whole div within WP, possibly with .animate or anything else?

My working site:


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set the div to width: 0px; then you can call something like this

$(function(){                  //this is short for $(document).ready(function(){
 $("#clickhere").click(function() { 
    $("#animate1").animate({ width: "100px" }, 1000); 

that will animate , showing the div , you can apply .animate to change css setting

make sure jquery is added to the head of the page , also make sure #clickhere is set to the id of what your clicking and #animate1 is set to the id of the div you want to show

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brilliant - that helped and worked for me! THANKS @Scott! – Mojoe Oct 21 '12 at 3:10

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