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I thought I had this answered from a previous post, but I still can't get this right. I'll try this another way and simplify it:

Query 1:
SELECT SUM((TA.task_average*TC.completed)/60) AS manual

Query 2:
SUM(M.minutes/60) AS automatic

I need to subtract query 2 from 1. I would like to combine it if possible and avoid multiple queries. I have all of my joins and groupings how I need them it's this piece I am having a heck of a time with.

Edited with final (included rounding to two decimal places):

ROUND((SUM((TA.task_average*TC.completed)/60) - SUM(M.minutes/60)),2) AS diff
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You can just subtract them like this:

SELECT (SUM((TA.task_average*TC.completed)/60) - SUM(M.minutes/60)) AS Difference FROM ...
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Wow, I thought I tried that, but apparently not! Worked exactly how I needed. I just added in ROUND to get them down to 2 decimal places and I was golden. Thanks! –  Mike Oct 21 '12 at 13:08

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