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I´ve successfully managed to play up to 8 videos in sync using a single video window with multiple streams using the directshowlib for c#. The problem is the video window plays only on a single screen - when I try to have it span over many screens it does not work. The app window spans correctly, but the video plays only on one screen. Any ideas?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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I assume that you're using the VMR with multiple input pins. The VMR is going to render to a single surface, which needs to be on a single display. You should be able to render your streams to multiple VMRs, with each VMR placed on a separate display within your maximised window.

It sounds as though you have all the streams in a single graph. You can separate them into different graphs, with each graph having one source and one renderer. Starting the graphs in sync means using IMediaFilter::Run instead of IMediaControl::Run:

  • Pick one graph as the master.
  • Make sure the master has a clock. This is normally done when going active, but you can force it to happen earlier by calling SetDefaultSyncSource on the graph.
  • Query the graphs for IMediaFilter, get the clock from the master graph using GetSyncSource and pass it to the other graphs using SetSyncSource.
  • Pause all the graphs.
  • Wait until GetState returns S_OK (the pause is complete).
  • Get the time from the graph and add 10ms or so.
  • Call IMediaFilter::Run on all graphs, passing this time (now + 10ms) as the parameter.
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Thanks a lot Geraint. I'll try that. – user159195 Aug 21 '09 at 22:11

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