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I have a navigation with a slide up effect on the links, which once clicked, the page slides up from the bottom, while the main page called #portfolio slides down, once opened, if the user clicks the same link again I want the page to slide down.

what i'm trying to accomplish is that if once one of the 2 panels, #aboutpage and #contactpage is open while I click on the other one, for example if #aboutpage is open, and I click on the link for #contactpage, I want the about page to slide down, once down the #contactpage slides up. I have tried a dozen times with a dozen different methods and I can't seem to get it to work.

    $('.about').click(function() {
    if (!$('#aboutpage').is(":visible")) {
    $('#aboutpage') .slideToggle(1000)
    $('#portfolio') .slideToggle(1000)
else if ($(('#contactpage').css('display') == "block")) {
    $('#contactpage') .slideToggle(1000)
    $('#aboutpage') .delay(1000).slidetoggle(1000)
}else {
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I'll try once more. Instead of using slideToggle, slide all of them up, then slide the current one down, but only if it wasn't visible to begin with:

$('.about').click(function() {
    var wasVisible = $("#aboutpage").is(":visible");
    if (!wasVisible) {

Demo here.

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