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i use two datepickers representing startdate and enddate where the enddate should be greater than startdate,the problem is that when i select the startdate datepicker and after that i select the enddate datepicker,the jquery validation error is showed before submiting the form.

here's the code


    function(value, element, params) {
        var datedefincontrat=$(element).datepicker("getDate");
        var dateembauche=$(params).datepicker("getDate");
        if(!datedefincontrat || !dateembauche) return true;
        return datedefincontrat.getTime()>dateembauche.getTime();
                },"La date de fin de contrat doit être supérieure à la date d'embauche.");

  function(c){var b=a("#da-ex-wizard-form").validate(
   onfocusout: false}
  //start date datepicker   
 {yearRange: "-90:+0",
  onSelect: function() { a(this).valid();a("#da-ex-datepicker3").valid();}});
 //end date datepicker
  onSelect: function() { a(this).valid();}});


i use the onselect functions in the two datepickers because i want the errors to vanish after selection if they respect the rules of validation after first submit. i don't know how to remedy this issue so please help me.

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I worked on something similar though the two datepickers had a defined date range. Perhaps this could help – chridam Oct 22 '12 at 12:32
thank you for your response,you inspired me of how to limit the range of date selection,i think i will use your example of limit date range.but i want really to know if there's a way to make the datepicker validation for the end and start date only just after the first submition – user1655410 Oct 23 '12 at 22:55

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