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Can I use <authorization> to protect webforms from being accessed if a person does not have a specific role?

I tried this:

<authentication mode="windows" />

  <allow roles="Admin" />
  <deny users="*"

but if the role Admin is not available then I can still visit the page by typing in the url. How can I protect this page?

I read the documentations on MSDN like ASP.NET Authorization. I also put the UrlAuthorizeModule extra in the web.config to make sure that it gets hit.

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Where did you put this? –  Lazarus Aug 19 '09 at 15:24
I added that just before the end of the root tag in the web.config. –  Nyla Pareska Aug 24 '09 at 13:30

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Best to read this: ASP.NET Authorization

It explains how to set the allow/deny elements for users and roles.

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This is not the solution. I've gone through the documentation, used it but it didn't provide the solution for me. –  Nyla Pareska Aug 19 '09 at 12:54

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