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This simple application almost does what I want:

import Tkinter as Tk

def hello(x):
    print "Hello"

root = Tk.Tk()
root.bind("<Up>", hello)

I mash down the up arrow, it prints "Hello" over and over. However, there is a delay before this repetition begins, and the repetition rate is slower than I want. How can I set this repeat delay to zero? How can I control the repeat interval?

I know that other Tkinter widgets have configuration options for 'repeatdelay' and 'repeatinterval', but I can't seem to find one for a Tkinter root window.

(I'm looking in your direction, Bryan Oakley)

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Doing a google search on repeatdelay site: shows that repeatdelay belongs only to widgets, not windows. – Steven Rumbalski Oct 21 '12 at 4:32
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This is not something configurable in Tk -- Tk has no control over how fast the keyboard driver sends repeated key events.

What you can do instead is have a binding on the button press and button release to set and then unset a flag. Then, you can write a function that does whatever you want it to do, then check the flag and call itself again after whatever delay you want.

The function would look something like this:

def hello(x):
    global SHOULD_REPEAT
    print "hello"
        root.after(10, hello) # wait 10ms then repeat

To do it right requires a little bit more logic, but that's the general idea.

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Thanks, that makes sense. Any idea what the repeatdelay and repeatinterval options on a Spinbox do? – Andrew Oct 22 '12 at 14:40
@Andrew: they control how quickly a mouse button press repeats. Since a mouse doesn't send multiple button presses when you hold a mouse button down, tkinter has to support this functionality itself. It only supports it in a few widgets because repeated mouse button presses is not what usually should happen. For scrollbars and spinboxes, however, it is a useful feature. – Bryan Oakley Oct 22 '12 at 15:10
On X11, you control the keyboard repeat parameters at the system level with the xset utility. Many OSes have graphical ways to set this sort of functionality too. – Donal Fellows Oct 23 '12 at 9:08

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