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I have a problem of displaying overlapping points in my routing algorithm using the plot(x,y). Specifically i'm looking to plot a route let's say (0,1,2,0,1) and 0 has some coordinates x and y. So if i use plot(x,y) for the above route, route 0-1 will overlap with latter route 0-1 since both of them have same x and y coordinates. How can i show separately so that i can distinguish the two lines using plot(x,y) and pylab.

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you should add some code and if possible some example data, so that others can work with this. – bmu Oct 21 '12 at 9:46

Maybe you mean something simple like this?

import matplotlib.pylab as plt

xseries=[0,2,2,3,4 ]   #x values first route
yseries=[0,6,2,8,4 ]   #y values first route

plt.plot(xseries,yseries,linestyle='--', marker='o')

xseries1=[0,2,6,7  ]  #x values second route
yseries1=[0,2,3,5  ]  #y values second route
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