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I'm trying to make it so that a div will scroll when the mouse hovers over the an image but can only scroll so far. Somewhere its just not quite working

    $('#test').bind('mouseenter', function() 
    var self = $(this);
    var right = parseInt( || 200;               
    this.iid = setInterval(function() 
         if (right <= 400)
         right += 200;                         
          right = 400;                         
         } = right + "px";
     }, 525);
   }).bind('mouseleave', function()
    this.iid && clearInterval(this.iid);


    #test {
        width: 400px; 
    height: 400px; 
    left: 200px; 
    background-color: #000; 
    position: absolute;

    <div id="test">hover me please</div>​

or a fiddle here:

Thanks for you help

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where is the function to handle the scroll event ? – palerdot Oct 21 '12 at 5:28
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First of all don't attach a JavaScript property (iid) to a DOM reference (this) this.iid. This will cause memory leaks in certain browsers (IE). I'd also recommend a recursive timeout as well.

I'd use setTimeout for this operation. It provides more control given your limit check and easier break from within your function. Here is your code reworked.

    var timeout; // keep your timeout reference at a higher scope for example
        'mouseenter': function(){ 
            var self = $(this);
            var incrementScroll = function() {
                var left = parseInt(self.css("left"));
                if(left <= 400) {
                    self.css("left", "+=200");  // as of jQuery 1.6 you can do this
                    // self.css("left", left+200);
                    timeout = setTimeout(incrementScroll, 525);
        'mouseleave': function(){
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var self = $(this);


var self = this;

Because style is a property of a DOM object, not jQuery object, but you do: = right + "px";
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