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I've been trying to create an array from a for loop, using push which creates an array in the format ["value, value, value, value, value, value"] but I need it to create an array in the following format: [["value, value, value"],["value, value, value"]

The original array is created without a for loop like this:

new array (["1","2",3"],["1,2,3"],["1,2,3"],["1,2,3"]); 

so how do I go about creating the same using a loop instead?

var colour = ["red","green","blue","orange"];

for (i=1; i<5; i++){

var name = $("#name"+i).val();                                      

var can = $("#candidate"+i).val();

arrayOfData = new Array([can,name,colour[i]]); 

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How exactly does this transformation work? Each set of 3 elements are replaced by a list element containing them? And what exactly have you tried? – Kaustubh Karkare Oct 21 '12 at 18:58

Just push your arrayOfData itself to an array.

var array = [];
var colour = ["red","green","blue","orange"];
for (i=1; i<5; i++){
    var name = $("#name"+i).val();                                      
    var can = $("#candidate"+i).val();
    arrayOfData = [can,name,colour[i-1]]; 

​ Demo here:

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@NickSmith is this the result you need? [["1","2","red"],["1","2","3"],["1","2","3"],["1","2","orange"]);? – McGarnagle Oct 21 '12 at 7:32

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