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In my main() function, I call pthread_create to create a new thread. I pass into it the name of a text file, and the thread opens the text file, counts the number of lines and then returns that number to main() where I set an integer totalCount += to the number that was returned.

I know that the thread function works properly since I counted the number of lines in the text file with another piece of code. The problem arises when I use a loop to call pthread_create more than once. The totalCount I get from counting one file is accurate, but when I open two or more files, the totalCount in main() is wrong.

What might be going wrong in my program that's causing this? Is it a problem in my thread function? my pthread_join? I know this question might be pretty ambiguous without code but any thoughts at all given this description?

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"I know this question might be pretty ambiguous without code but any thoughts at all given this description?" Ambiguous indeed. Seems you should post the code? – Corbin Oct 21 '12 at 6:30
You've likely got a race condition or you're not properly guarding your shared resources. I cannot tell you what the problem is without seeing your code. – OmnipotentEntity Oct 21 '12 at 6:31
You say you're creating more than one thread ? any chance you're overwriting the pthread_t with each new thread and thereby only join'ing the last one? Some code would make this a LOT easier, btw. – WhozCraig Oct 21 '12 at 6:37

W/o code is all speculation. But for sure totalCount += is not thread safe. You need either an atomic interlocked operation (eg. __sync_fetch_and_add) or you need to protect it with a mutex.

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Taking a shot in the dark for the fun of it--the only way I could see this error happening is if the internal line counter--not totalCount, but rather what's keeping track of the number of lines in each file--is a global variable. Each pthread is presumably calling the same line-counting function, so the line counts for each file will be incorrectly increased when the other thread updates. So I'll predict that totalCount is always larger than, not smaller than, the actual number of lines.

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