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We have a DSL modem : D-Link DSL-526B in our office

We have IP Public address, let's say :

We configured the virtual server on modem so the port 80 from outside will be forwarded/pass through to our server that located in our office network (let's say the IP address is : And we have managed to have virtual host. So when we type subdomain1.ourdomain.com it will open the php application on

From outside network (through internet), it's working well : - open browser and type subdomain1.ourdomain.com it will open the application on

But, from our office network (with internet connection), it is NOT working well : - open browser and type subdomain1.ourdomain.com it will open the application for managing the router (, instead of opening php application on :, even though we had set the router management to have port 81 (not 80). So currently if from our office, we open the application using URL address :

My question : what should be done so we could open subdomain1.ourdomain.com from our office network?

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There is a number of options.

You may switch off the web-management in your DSL modem or alter the default port to something different from 80. I am not sure if the latter option is available at your modem.

You may add subdomain1.ourdomain.com 

entry to the hosts file on each machine in your network. This solution is feasible if you have a few machines in the office.

Otherwise, if you have the dns server installed in your office, you need to set it up to reply with address for query on subdomain1.ourdomain.com to the machines in your network. If you have not then you should consider to install some lightweight caching server like dnsmasq.

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Might pay to add that the reason this happens is because when the computers on your office network perform a DNS lookup for your domain, an external DNS server will return your external IP address (since that's all it knows). Different routers handle requests to their own IP address this differently; some load the admin interface and others don't do anything. More expensive routers (not ones intended for residential use) usually have custom rules for this and can loop requests back through the port-forwarding rules. As Serge has said, the best solution here is to override the external DNS. –  Stecman Oct 21 '12 at 8:16
I've tried to change the port of router admin to 81, but it still open the router admin, and sometimes it give error network (maybe because I change it to 81, but the system still search it to 80). What to do? –  Captain Abigail Oct 21 '12 at 21:51
Then try the over options - they will work definitely. The changes in the router are really implementation dependent - some times it works, some times - not. Remember that you should change the dns settings of machines in the LAN if you will be installing the caching dns server. –  Serge Oct 21 '12 at 21:54

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