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I'm new to VB and SVN and involved in writing automation scripts in VBA. I've got a requirement where we need to 'retrieve ,checkout ,add ' files to SVN remote repository from VB code in background as part of automation. Please can anyone guide me what needs to be done.

Any libraries , projectsetup ,code ,links, info you can share to start on this.

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When posting questions, don't indent your main text or SO will think it is code. Also, salutations are not needed or wanted here. – anon Aug 19 '09 at 12:29
Do you mean VB Script, VB 6.0, VB.Net or the VBA that comes with MS Office products? – Tony Toews Aug 20 '09 at 3:20

Ever thought of using NANT, Rake or MsBuild to automate your build scripts?

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Your best first approach should be simply to execute the Subversion client via system(), shell() or whatever:

system( "svn checkout something" );

If you haven't got a SVN command line client, you can get a free one for Windows one from here.

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Check out sharpsvn. The API documentation isn't the best but it works.

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