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Hello I have gone through the dining philosophers solution. Since at some point of time the typical monitor implementation causes starvation. I have gone through the "Polite" version of Dining-philosopher's problem given here

monitor diningPhilosophers {
   int[] state = new int[5];
   boolean[] leftHungry = new boolean[5];
   boolean[] rightHungry = new boolean[5];
   static final int THINKING = 0;
   static final int HUNGRY = 1;
   static final int EATING = 2;
   condition[] self = new condition[5];

   public diningPhilosophers {
      for (int i=0;i<5;i++) {
         state[i] = THINKING;
         leftHungry[i] = false;
         rightHungry[i] = false;

   public entry pickUp(int i) {
      state[i] = HUNGRY;
      if (state[i] != EATING)
      rightHungry(left(i)) = false;
      leftHungry(right(i)) = false;

   ublic entry putDown(int i) {
      state[i] = THINKING;
      if (state[left(i)] == HUNGRY)
         leftHungry[i] = true;
      if (state[right(i)] == HUNGRY)
         rightHungry[i] = true;

   private test(int i) {
      if  (state[right(i] != EATING) &&
          (state[i] == HUNGRY) &&
          (state[left(i)] != EATING) &&
             !leftHungry(i) && !rightHungry(i) ) {
             state[i] = EATING;

   private int left(int i) {
      return (i+1)%5;

   private int right(int i) {
      return (i+4)%5;


So what if 2 adjacent philosophers are hungry at the same time. Since the test(i) is checking whether its left and right philosophers are hungry. If it finds that its adjacent one is also hungry. It is kind of a deadlock right? I mean both of them can never eat since their adjacent philosopher's are hungry right ?


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You are correct. Deadlock would occur if two adjacent philosophers were hungry in each other's eyes, ie. leftHungry[0] == TRUE && rightHungry[1] == TRUE.

However, this state could never occur because the only time leftHungry[x] or rightHungry[x] are set to TRUE is when x calls putDown(), which is always preceded by x's call to pickUp(), which sets leftHungry[x] and rightHungry[x] to FALSE.

For example: philosopher0 has leftHungry[0] == TRUE and their state is HUNGRY, and philosopher1 calls pickUp() and their state is then HUNGRY too. Even if philosopher1 must wait, (because philosopher2 is EATING), philosopher0 sets leftHungry[0] == FALSE, preventing any adjacent philosophers from simultaneously thinking each other is hungry.

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