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What is best practice for naming dbs, tables (collections) and fields among DBMSs?

I mean casing style, for example AaaBaa,aaa-bbb, aaa_bbb, AAA-BBB, aaaBbb, ...

I think if one exists it should be applicable to all DBMSs (MySQL, MongoDB, Oracle, ...), shouldn't it?

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take a look at… – H-Bahrami Oct 21 '12 at 8:31
Just a note: in Oracle, PascalCased names CANLOOKLIKETHIS *), so USE_UNDERSCORES then ;). – full.stack.ex Oct 21 '12 at 10:38

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You can check Microsoft's SQL Server sample databases

There are no universal rules for this. You can/should use any case but you must be consistent for yourself or for your team.

In AdventureWorks,

  • Singular names for tables

  • Singular names for columns

  • Pascal casing

Also check Data element name on Wikipedia:

Tables are Collections of Entities, and follow Collection naming guidelines. Ideally, a collective name is used: e.g., Personnel. Plural is also correct: Employees. Incorrect names include: Employee, tblEmployee, and EmployeeTable.

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