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I have a terrain presented by large set of points in 3D-space. What is the best way to triangulate it?

I can just to project all points on 2D-space, than make Delaunay triangulation in time O(n * log(n)) and lift it back to the previous heigth. But is it good enough? I've heard about Delaunay triangulation in time O(n * log(log(n))) in some special cases. Is it possible in my case? Or maybe I should to use some approximation algorithm?

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Delaunay on big datasets can take too much time, consider splitting on smaller rectangles... –  Alberto Oct 22 '12 at 6:40

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Projection and Delaunay triangulation in 2D is certainly a good solution which will generate well shaped triangles. For a terrain you might also need to enforce certain edges, so look for a constrained Delaunay triangulation.

As to the runtime: For real world data you can assume linear runtime. If performance is important, make sure your input data is not degenerate: Scanning devices often return points on a grid. You can improve the situation by adding some noise.

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Actually you did your homework OK, Delaunay triangulation is a very good solution to your problem.

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