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I have table :

|id| word | source|
| 1| I    |   S1  |
| 2| me   |   S1  |
| 3| you  |   S1  |
| 4| me   |   S2  |

If the are same datas in word that have different source, I just wanna take data word from source = S1

How to get them? I tried using below code, but still wrong :

$query = mysql_query(" SELECT word from tb where source ='S1' group by word1 ");
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Do you just want to get the row id=2 in the example above –  Ertunç Oct 21 '12 at 11:40

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Your group by column name is incorrect.

It should be word instead of word1.

Like so:

$query = mysql_query("SELECT word FROM tb WHERE source ='S1' GROUP BY word");
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Then, I think, you need to get the minimum source using MIN().

FROM tableName

SQL Fiddle demo

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