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I built the wsdl-client-stub based on xmlbeans. Now I got stuck adding a custom header for authentification using xmlbeans since xmlbeans stubs are lacking the necessary Classes(?)

Actually, the header should look like: 9 29438094lkjslfkjlsdkjf

So I tried as fallback going in between stub and ServiceClient:

ServiceClient sc = stub._getServiceClient();

OMFactory omFactory = OMAbstractFactory.getOMFactory(); OMElement omElement = omFactory.createOMElement(new QName("SOAP-ENV", "Header", "ver"), null); OMElement omElementVeri = omFactory.createOMElement(new QName("", "verifyingToken", ""), omElement); OMElement omElementUser = omFactory.createOMElement(new QName("", "UserID", ""), omElementVeri); omElementUser.setText(""+userid);

    OMElement  omElementPass   =   omFactory.createOMElement(new QName("", "Token", ""), omElementVeri);

eclipse is raising errors saying: The method createOMElement(String, OMNamespace) in the type OMFactory is not applicable for the arguments (QName, null) - The constructor QName(String, String, String) is undefined

Does anyone has a hint, what I should fix, to get this to work. I really appreciate your help,


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ServiceClient client = stub._getServiceClient();
SOAP11Factory factory = new SOAP11Factory();
OMNamespace SecurityElementNamespace = factory.createOMNamespace("", "wss");
OMElement usernameTokenEl = factory.createOMElement("UsernameToken", SecurityElementNamespace);

OMElement usernameEl = factory.createOMElement("Username", SecurityElementNamespace);

OMElement passwordEl = factory.createOMElement("Password", SecurityElementNamespace);

SOAPHeaderBlockImpl block = new SOAP11HeaderBlockImpl("Security", SecurityElementNamespace, factory);

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Worked perfectly! thx – Igor Zelaya Dec 7 '13 at 3:01
it works!! thanks!!! – AntuanSoft May 8 '15 at 8:14
I'm having troubles instantiating SOAP11HeaderBlockImpl with axis2 1.6.3 new SOAP11HeaderBlockImpl("Security", SecurityElementNamespace, factory); It ask for another parameter an OMDataSource how can I fix it? – Rodrigo Santellan Feb 18 at 14:10

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