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Is there a good reference somewhere with all the C functions that can be used by default in iPhone development (I guess they lie in the Foundation framework)? I mean functions like: arc4random(), cos(), sinf(), hypot(), sqrt(), sqrtf() etc...

They are so many considering their variations too (sin(), sinf()) and googling every single time is ineffective.

Thanks :)

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Then look in the Core Library. You may need to subscribe to one or more documentation sets first. Check that you search is not limited to Objective-C also.

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The Apple documentation is pretty comprehensive – Xetius Aug 19 '09 at 13:02
Cool I didn't check the Core Library. Thanks – Dimitris Aug 20 '09 at 9:22

If you're looking for all of the math functions, they can be found in the header file


For more generic functions, in addition to the documentation, I often find it helpful to right-(or Control-)click on a function in my code and choose "Jump to Definition". This takes you to the related header, which might also have similar functions and constants.

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The Apple iPhone OS Man Pages doc is the handiest guide for this kind of thing.

Unfortunately being HeaderDoc driven, there's no PDF version. I thought at one point Apple indexed these symbols in the Xcode docset API indexes, but they don't seem to be there now.

Good luck!

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