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I m looking to have a html dropdown list created like this:


and so on..

Where Category1.. Category3 are just labels within the drowpdown list, and are not actual values that can be selected by the user. It is just to bring in that segmentation between categories. The actual values which the user can select are the Value1, Value2,...

I do not know how to specify these categories within the dropdown list. How can i give such helper text within the dropdown?


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There is an article about this here:

You have to wrap the sections in an optgroup with the desired label.

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That site gives the code. Exactly what i wanted. I just added an extra line of code to make the default value displayed as blank. That line goes like this: <option value="" style="display:none;"></option> Thank You. – kallakafar Oct 21 '12 at 12:31

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