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I am going to uniquely identify a user by storing a unique ID in his/her cookie. HttpSession ID is a good choice from my google search. Just wanted to know how unique it is ? Is it unique to the webcontainer or once it expires , will it get regenerated ? If it repeats, all my user login can go for a toss.Need some expert opinion on using sessonID as a unique identifier for my users.

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Seems safe to say this will vary based on which servlet container you use; which I think bolsters the idea that you could also just easily use a "unique id generator" of your own. –  matt b Oct 21 '12 at 13:20

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A session ID must uniquely identify a session on a server, or on a cluster of servers. You don't have any guarantee of uniqueness across restarts. Why don't you simply use a database sequence, or a UUID?

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thank you for your opinion , so I shall use UUID then. –  Tito Cheriachan Oct 21 '12 at 13:57

Session IDs are unique and meaningful only for the lifetime of a session. A session ID identifies a session: nothing more, nothing less. It does not identify a user.

You cannot and should not rely on session IDs ever being reused, let alone for the same user.

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