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I am using MvcSiteMapProvider and have a file MvcSiteMap.sitemap which contains two nodes defined as follows:

<mvcSiteMapNode title="Node1" controller="MyController" action="MyAction" type="A" />
<mvcSiteMapNode title="Node2" controller="MyController" action="MyAction" type="B" />

My routes in global.asax.cs are configured "out of the box", so the URLs are:

Node 1: http://server/MyController/MyAction?type=A
Node 2: http://server/MyController/MyAction?type=B

Now if I navigate to Node 2, I find that MenuHelper.GetCurrentNode() returns Node 1.

Why is this and is there a way to get MvcSiteMapProvider to recognize a current node based on the querystring parameter?

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I believe this is possible although I have not tested this. You should check out the wiki at their github repository. It has some usefull information but it still lacks some basic examples.


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Unfortunately there is no way to do this. I got around this problem using a custom DynamicNodeProvider, but it doesn't seem to fit in your case.

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