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I would like to allow users of my website see a special "Image/Video/HTML" but only if they login through facebook connect on my Rails site...

I would like to use Amazon S3 to store the media.. My question is how do I give limited access to my users only if they are logged in? Once they have the URL of the "Image/Video/HTML" I would not like them to be able to access it unless they are logged in with facebook on my site..

Also, will I be able to continue this kind of private site if I want to use Amazon Cloudfront?

This is a starting point for whitelisting only my domain... but I want to make sure the user is logged in through fb connect in order to serve them the appropriate resource...


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I think this depends on how you're including S3 assets in your app. Here are instructions if you're using paperclip:


Here's another question that deals with this issue using the aws-sdk gem:

How to store data in S3 and allow user access in a secure way with rails API / iOS client?

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Thanks! this looks promising.. any idea if i begin using Cloudfront after S3? –  sambehera Oct 21 '12 at 18:45
Don't want to speak to that as I've never used Cloudfront. Sorry! –  Dreyfuzz Oct 23 '12 at 18:59

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