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Hi I like to make an app where you can jump from textfield to textfield whith the next button press on the ios Keyboard. My thoughts Are here, but this there doesn't function:(:

if (ios) {
    [iDevice becomeFirstResponder];

if (iDevice) {
    [jailbreakstatus resignFirstResponder];


if (jailbreakstatus) {
    [otherstuff resignFirstResponder];

I hope you can help me out:)

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Assuming the if statements are correct and in the right place, change resignFirstResponder calls to becomeFirstResponder.

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Thats totally Easy,you dont even need an if construct.

    [secondTextfield becomeFirstResponder];

- (IBAction)change1:(id)sender
        [thirdTextfield becomeFirstResponder];


    - (IBAction)change2:(id)sender
        [fourthTextfield becomeFirstResponder];



these Actions are called with an OnEndEditing -> e.g. press the Next button on your keyboard

proceeding from the case that you enter something in a Textfield and press next you will be redirected to the textfield what is declared as the next "becomefirstresponder".

If any question remain, don´t fear to ask.

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Now I did it like you said -(IBAction)nextkeyboard:(id)sender{ [iDevice becomeFirstResponder]; } but this is going to crash my app:( -(IBAction)nextkeyboard1:(id)sender{ [jailbreakstatus becomeFirstResponder]; } -(IBAction)nextkeyboard2:(id)sender{ [otherstuff becomeFirstResponder]; } – user1658674 Oct 21 '12 at 20:06
That could bring up your issue, on your example names you have to add the Action to the Textfield what is right before the textfield you want to adress, so your nextkeyboard1 action has to be the "Onendediting" method of your textfield "iDevice", because iDevice gives the Firstresponder status to jailbreakstatus. Check if that is the problem, if not please post your source code. – Maurice A. Oct 21 '12 at 20:49

Now I did it. Here is the code:

    [iDevice becomeFirstResponder];

    [jailbreakstatus becomeFirstResponder];

    [otherstuff becomeFirstResponder];

You have to connect everything with Did End on Exit otherwise it won't work.

thank you for all your comments!

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