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If my application needs internet connection from the start. How can I prevent the execution after I find no internet?

I know how to check. But I need help in stopping for further execution.


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You may have added (or borrowed code from the MSDN samples as I often do) that uses a event listener for onNetworkStatusChange event. Try removing that with removeEventListener to stop further checks for internet connectivity.


You can check de connection like this post answer: This is for c#, but the same classes is available for javascrip

Display error message if there's no internet connection


var internetconection = new Windows.Networking.Connectivity.NetworkInformation.getInternetConnectionProfile();
        if ((!('getNetworkConnectivityLevel' in internetconection)) || ((internetconection.getNetworkConnectivityLevel()) < 3)) {
            alert("internet not connected");
    alert("internet connected");

Try this, Refer : http://www.codeproject.com/Tips/564389/Check-connection-with-WinJS


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