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In my application I added a few annotations. I have a AnnotationController with a shared instance so I can access my annotations in al my classes. I push the added annotations in a mutable array.

But, I want to add my annotationtitle's to a tableView so I want to load my array again and access my parameters I gave with 'initWithTitle'.

Something like this:

[AnnotationController sharedInstance].annotations[1].title ?

The code

NSArray *init = @[
    [[Annotation alloc] initWithTitle:@"America has a new President !" :@"Washington DC" :l1], // call method to add an annotation with these parameters
    [[Annotation alloc] initWithTitle:@"Revolutionary app by Belgium student" :@"Antwerp" :l2],
    [[Annotation alloc] initWithTitle:@"The new Arabic revolution" :@"Egypt, Tahir square" :l3],
    [[Annotation alloc] initWithTitle:@"World Championchip football" :@"Rio de Janeiro" :l4],

[AnnotationController sharedInstance].annotations = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithArray:init]; // add the above array to a mutablearray se we can add objects and edit them
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Use this code to access your title of any specific annotation

[[[AnnotationController sharedInstance].annotations objectAtIndex:0] title]
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If you want to get all of the title's from the objects in the array you could use KVC

NSArray *annotations = [[AnnotationController sharedInstance] annotations];

NSArray *title = [annotations valueForKey:@"title"];

Taken from the docs for NSArray

Returns an array containing the results of invoking valueForKey: using key on each of the array's objects.

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