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I have two apps currently on the App Store, one a paid app and one a free app. The paid app unlocks different services inside the app. I would like to have only one freemium app (with in-app purchase IAP).

What option do you think is best for me:

  1. Cancel the free app and turn the paid into freemium?
  2. Cancel the paid app and turn the free into freemium?

A follow-up question: Is canceling a paid app an option considering Apple's policy?

I understand a paid user has to have the access to the content he has purchased (in this case the paid features), and if I eliminate the app from the App Store and force them to quit using it, am I doing something which is prohibited?

And one more: When I have an in-app purchase app, can I still do a campaign in which the subscription will be offered free for limited time? If so, how?

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To your first question, I can only suggest, there is no definitive answer. I would suggest you remove your paid app and add premium content to the free app. The only reason for this is that your free app is likely to have a larger userbase. You could, as a final version for your paid app, inform users that the app is to be discontinued, but there is a free version available which they should get instead.

You can remove your app at anytime. Users which already have the app won't lose it, but no new users will be able to download it.

I'm not so certain about this one, but I'm pretty sure there is a free subscription option for IAPs, just have a look at the IAP documentation.

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