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I've been attempting to link my external stylesheet using "../../css/style.css", and it is not properly linking my stylesheets. Keep in mind I am attempting to build a website locally, with all files located in a folder on my desktop(mac).

Here is the current file path for my stylesheets: /Users/btd/Desktop/html:css practice/css/styles.css

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What does your html code look like? – smk Oct 21 '12 at 14:31
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The CSS path should be relative to your HTML file location.

If you HTML file is in /Users/btd/Desktop/html:css practice/ and your css is /Users/btd/Desktop/html:css practice/css/styles.css

Then the CSS relative path you need to put in the link tag will be: css/styles.css

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Okay that worked. Why do some html templates have ../../ or ../ for the file path? Are the css folders located within other folders? – user1762554 Oct 21 '12 at 14:47
For example, if inside your website folder, you have a HTML folder which contains your html templates, and a css folder which contains your css files, to access a css file from a html file, you need to go backward in the path using .., so your path will be: ../css/styles.css – Tronix117 Oct 21 '12 at 14:50

If you have the file.html on desktop folder and have style on practice/css/styles.css

  • desktop/file.html
  • desktop/practice/css/styles.css

the correct link is href="practice/css/styles.css"

or other example:

  • desktop/practice/file.html
  • desktop/practice/css/styles.css

the correct link is href="css/styles.css"

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When working in a local environment you usually want to use a relative path to your CSS file from your HTML file. So if your HTML file is at /development/website/index.html and your CSS file is in /development/website/css/styles.css - the path to your CSS file from your HTML file, is css/styles.css (as the path from the HTML file is simply going into the 'css' folder and then looking for the file 'styles.css'). In your case, you probably want a path like this (depending, of course, on the location of your HTML file).

As for the use of '../' in file paths, this means going "up" in the directory structure. So going to '../../css/style.css' from '/Users/btd/Desktop/html:css practice/' will look at '/Users/btd/css/style.css' (which, in this example, probably isn't what you're looking for). If you're looking for some more information on basic CSS linking, there is a good resource over at http://www.dev-hq.net/html-css/3--css-basics

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