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I am developing a plugin that uses SWT. In one of the windows of the plugin I need to add widgets that look like the one above.I could not find an appropriate name, so, the image.

What it does is, selects the items from left column to the right column and vice versa using the buttons in the middle. Once the items are moved, they are removed from the left column and added to the right column and vice versa.

Question 1: What is the exact name for this setup?
Question 2: Is there any existing swt class that implements this setup I can reuse?

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Also see What's this UI pattern called?, which provides an answer to Question 1. –  Joshua Taylor Jan 12 at 20:03

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Have a look at DualList from the opal project. This should be exactly what you want.

enter image description here

If you want to do it yourself, use either two Tables with just one column each, or two Lists.

The layout would be:

Composite(GridLayout, 3 columns)
|- First List/Table
|- Composite(GridLayout, 1 column)
|  |- Button add
|  |- Button addAll
|  |- Button delete
|  |- Button deleteAll
|- Second List/Table


As a matter of fact, is designed something very similar as an answer to a different question. Have a look at my answer here.

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