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I am fairly new to ZF. I am trying to deploy my first ZF project onto a commercial shared sever (JustHost) which hosts a number of my other projects. I have copied my project folder from my development server (WAMP) and placed the Zend library in the library folder of my project.

So far so good. But I've hit a problem - when i navigate to my application's public folder in a web browser (www.myhost.com/project/public) i get the page i'm expecting except that none of the CSS formatting has been applied. Then if i try to navigate to another controller (e.g. www.myhost.com/project/products) i get a 'Page not Found' error. But if navigate to 'www.myhost.com/project/public/products' i get the page i would expect to see. Where as on my development server i would go to 'localhost/project/products'.

This has left me really confused. I know that it has something to do with the documentRoot or related settings, but i have no idea what to do to get it working. Becaouse of the type of server I am using, I have no control over Vhost settings in order to set the document root.

So how do I fix this problem without changing the structure of my project (which is a standard ZF 1.11 structure). I've been searching for a solution for hours and have got no closer to solving the problem. I've never had so much trouble deploying a project before, and if I can't find a solution i will have to rewrite the application under a different framework (such as laravel), Zend is far to fussy. But i'd hate to waste all the effort I put into learning ZF and writting my App, so please help!


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Sounds merely like a configuration issue of the base-path of your application. Check where the link of the CSS is generated and fix it. There is not much we can do about this. –  hakre Oct 21 '12 at 16:18
Would you be against modifying the structure slightly? In this setup, I'd recommend putting all of your application files outside of the document root, getting rid of the "public" folder by simply putting those files in whatever folder you want to be your application's root, and modifying index.php to correctly define your new APPLICATION_PATH. Doing those 3 things will solve your problem. –  drew010 Oct 21 '12 at 18:23
See stackoverflow.com/a/1115685/131824 for one approach. My comment there points to additional implementation details. –  David Weinraub Oct 22 '12 at 1:57
i use a layout in ZF and link to CSS and JS using the following: <?php echo $this->headLink()->prependStylesheet( $this->baseUrl().'/css/screen.css'); ?> <?php echo $this->headLink()->prependStylesheet( $this->baseUrl().'/js/script.js'); ?> –  b_dubb Oct 22 '12 at 13:52

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