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Hi i have two questions,

1-) When i send sip INVITE message and get errors bigger than 2xx then if i send BYE message is it reasonable to do this ? Server will response BYE message ?

2-) ACK will be sent for all 2xx status code and dont be sent for status codes bigger than 2xx. Right ?

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1) If a UAC receives a response to INVITE with response code >= 300, then there is no dialog, and thus neither the UAC or UAS can send BYE.

2) ACK must be sent for all final responses (200 or greater) to INVITE. For response codes >= 300, then the transaction layer handles sending the ACK. For 2xx responses, it is the responsibility of the transaction user (TU) layer.

You tagged the question with java - is that relevant to your question? If you are using the JAIN-SIP API, for example, then your application (a TU) will not send the ACK in question 2, because the stack does that automatically.

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