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I need to "dive into JAX-WS programming".

So, I played around with Netbeans, after 20 or so erroneous attempts, finally managed to let a web service client execute a web service.

I noticed, that a lot of code is generated, especially JAXB classes for the web service response.

My current task is, to write a web service and web client completely by hand.

Is JAXB required at all? Is is part of the standard anyway? What would happen without it?

Seems that the answer is given here

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You can see Developing Web Services with Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) 1.4 Platform

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In JavaEE 1.4, there was no JAXB. I assumed that, may be, JAXB was added as mandatory to JavaEE 1.5. – ivan_ivanovich_ivanoff Aug 25 '09 at 8:32

I took a wsdl and used eclipse to generate the service, serviceLocator, ws interface, ws binding stub, ws proxy, and then the client code. I added a main method and was able to hit the webservice successfully.

I used this tutorial as a guide with the url below and no, there are no jaxb objects as I'm not pulling any objects back in the simple example I used. I was just hitting some methods that pulled back a boolean value.

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