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The main thing i want to solve is to check user session when somebody want to access admin panel. I've created MY_Controller class and placed it in library.

class MY_Controller extends CI_Session {

public $logged_in = FALSE;

public function  __construct() {

public function is_logged_in()
    $logged = $this->userdata('user_id');
    $this->logged_in = ($logged) ? TRUE : FALSE;

function sessdestroy() {




This is my login page. I've created a button that redirects to admin panel (dashboard) just to test if the session check works.

class Login extends CI_Controller {

function __construct() {



public function index() {


    if(isset($_POST['redirect'])) {




This is the admin controller where i check if the user session exists.

class Admin extends MY_Controller {

function construct() {



function index() {

    if($this->is_logged_in()) {



    else redirect('login');



BUT i got this error.

Fatal error: Class 'MY_Controller' not found in C:\wamp\www\UserPanel\application\controllers\admin.php on line 3

Can you tell me your thoughts about my coding solution for the given problem please :)

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  1. You need to extend the CI_Controller class instead of CI_Session
  2. You should place MY_Controller under application/core/ folder instead of application/library
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Codeigniter introduced a new folder called core where the libraries that doesn't require loading lives. The original CI_Controller class is one of them, so if you want the automagick pick up your MY_Controller.php file you should place it under application/core too.

When in doubt, check the extended class's original version under system directory and mirror that under application.

(Also in your first code example, i think you meant to extend CI_Controller not CI_Session)

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I got this error on a project as I'm learning CodeIgniter. My solution was to, to use your project as an example, require_once('MY_Controller'); at the top my new Controller.

That way I didn't have to move my file to the core and I could keep it in my directory of Controllers.

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