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I have a string that looks like this

svchost.exe                   4464 Services                   0        47.656 K

note that there are many spaces and the amount of spaces are different in each case

I want to extract the name svchost.exe and the pid 4464. I would be able to do this, but only with the imperative way. Its hard for me to think in a functional way to solve this problem.

It is possible to solve this with regex but I want to see how you do something like this with functional programming.

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Easy peasy:

val s = "svchost.exe                   4464 Services                   0        47.656 K"
s.split(" ").filterNot(str => str == "")
// Array[java.lang.String] = Array(svchost.exe, 4464, Services, 0, 47.656, K)


or use s.split(" +") which relies on regexp beauty

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hm, now I feel stupid. I should have known this. Thanks – Maik Klein Oct 21 '12 at 17:45
I would s.split(' ').filter(_.length > 0), but same deal. Well, assuming that s.split(" +") is forbidden by the premise of the question. – Rex Kerr Oct 21 '12 at 18:03
I'd replace " " with @Tomasz " +" version. – pedrofurla Oct 21 '12 at 18:07

Exploit the fact that String.split() accepts a regular expression:

s.split(" +")  //Array(svchost.exe, 4464, Services, 0, 47.656, K)

No post-filtering required.

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This isn't actually a good way to do it, but:

(s,s.drop(1)+" ").zipped.filter(_!=' ' || _!=' ')._1.split(' ')

would be an approach to use if it wasn't a string.

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I'm not entirely sure if this answers your question; it may not, since it uses a regular expression, but then again, so do some of the other answers, and this at least uses pattern matching.

Use a regular expression:

val str = "svchost.exe                   4464 Services                   0        47.656 K"
val Process = """^([^\s]*)[\s]*([^\s]*).*$""".r
val Process(name, pid) = str

Enter this in the REPL, and you get:

name: String = svchost.exe
pid: String = 4464

By using \s, you also cover for other types of whitespace, which may be relevant in the above case. (Tab characters?)

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