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I am trying to submit a task to an ExecutorService in Java. It either takes a Callable, which allows to throw an Exception, or it takes a Runnable. My use case is as foolows: I would like to schedule a task which throws an Exception, but is a void method. As a result I cannot use either Callable or Runnable, as the method definitions do not match my use case. I would also like to have my excepton propagated from the Future I receive after submission. Any ideas?

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You can use Callable<Void>. Obviously you can't instantiate a Void object, but just return null.

From the Future<Void>, you can still call get, discarding the null return value. It will rethrow any exception as an ExecutionException.

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You can either use Callable<Void> (or indeed any other class parameter) and always return null, in which case Future.get will wrap and rethrow any exception thrown by the task, or use Callable<Throwable> and have the body of your task be

try {
  // do stuff
} catch(Throwable t) {
  return t;
return null;

in which case Future.get will return the exception. In both cases a successful task will return null from its Future.get.

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