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I'm writing a jQuery-mobile application.

In my home ("first") page I link an internal ("second") page with a custom link (<a href="...">).

In my first page I need to detect user's click on a "data-rel='back'" button on the second page (and first page is going to be shown again). I did try




with no success. Note that using


$(document).bind('pageinit') does fire, but that's not what I want...

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Try using $.mobile.urlHistory (How to modify jQuery mobile history Back Button behavior). It has activeIndex which is your current index in the history stack, and previousIndex, which of course is your previous index.

So, to detect if user is coming from your second page by clicking the 'back' button, you can either:

check the hash of the page they are coming from:

var previous = $.mobile.urlHistory.previousIndex;
var origin = $.mobile.urlHistory.stack[previous].hash; //you may need to do some regex here
if ( origin === "second" )

or generally:

// user clicked on 'back' button
if ( $.mobile.urlHistory.activeIndex < $.mobile.urlHistory.previousIndex) 
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Thanks. I will accept your answer, even if I will not test it because I did solve by some other mean, which - I'm sorry - I currently do not remember... :-( – MarcoS Apr 11 '13 at 13:16
Thanks, I thought you may solve it already, consider the time of the question. I still want to leave the solution that works for me here, just in case anyone comes across. I am new on SO, and want to contribute a little bit to the community that helped me a lot. – bizi Apr 11 '13 at 23:10

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