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I have a solution with 2 web projects WebApp1: has 1 form called Default.aspx WebApp2: has 1 webservice called webservice1

I right clicked on WebApp1 and clicked "Add Service Reference" and added a reference to WebApp2.Webservice1, its called wsref1. Now the problem I am facing is that in default.aspx when I try to add a servicereference in script manager to this webservice, it just doesnt work.

Is it possible to references webservices declared in another web application project that is part of the same solution?

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is it throwing any exception? If yes, what is that? Try to use any HTTP tracing tool to see what is happening. – Tariqulazam Oct 21 '12 at 20:37
basically the issue is that I dont know how to add this service as a reference to the scriptmanager in default.aspx. there is no .svc file that all samples on net shows ie this code doesnt work sub page_load() ScriptManager1.Services.add(new ServiceReference("what do I put in here")) end sub the namespace of service is WebApp2.WebService1, but that does not work – user1763470 Oct 22 '12 at 19:15

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